Leadership Team

Brad Gaynor
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Anna D'Amico
Assistant Principal
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Michelle Parkes
Early Learning Centre Director
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Cate Druhan
Early Learning Centre Director
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Catherine Doig
Religious Education Coordinator
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James (Seamus) Farrell
Primary Coordinator
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Julie Jenkins
Primary Coordinator
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Narelle McFarlane
Primary Coordinator
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Early Learning Centre

Directors: Michelle Parkes and Cate Druhan

Blue Class: Bronwyn Newth

Yellow Class: Annie Manning

Red Class: Melissa-Rae Oakley

Red Class: Michelle Kingma

Orange Class: Lydia McNaught

Green Class: Courtney Ralston


K Creagh: Liz Creagh

K Bell: Anne Bell

K Wood: Shannon Wood

K Wellings: Stacey Wellings Deaton

Year 1

1 Masters: Diana Masters and Maree Bertilsson

1 Hughes: Karen Hughes

1 Bartley: Samantha Bartley

1 Tankey: Emily Tankey

Year 2

2 Aquilina: Matt Aquilina

2 Johns: Jane Johns

2 McFarlane: Narelle McFarlane and Kathy Kalokerinos

2 Taylor: Kathryn Taylor

Year 3

3 Hannaford: Nerissa Hannaford and Sarah Cannon

3 Hardiman: Jodie Hardiman

3 Hickman: Samantha Hickman

3 Kelly: Anna Kelly

Year 4

4 Cambridge: Katrina Cambridge

4 Eldridge: Charissa Eldridge

4 Quirk: Kellie Quirk

4 Read: Rob Read

Year 5

5 Eickenloff: Shane Eickenloff

5 French: Lizette French

5 Hagerty: Liz Hagerty

5 MacGregor: Kate MacGregor

Year 6

6 Anderson: Jake Anderson

6 Condon: Rebekah Condon

6 Pearson: Jessica Pearson Lee

Specialist Teachers

Library: Kathy Talbot & David Camp

Counsellor: Sharyn Lynch

Arts: Julie Jenkins

STEM: James (Seamus) Farrell

Classroom Support Teacher: Justine Brasnett

Classroom Support Teacher: Rachel Gallacher

Learning Technologies Coordinator: Charissa Eldridge

Classroom Support Assistants

Mary-Ellen Bakker

Sue Cougar

Michelle Hambly

Sharon Harrison

Martina Johnson

Louise Jones

Manda Kresic

Angela Laria

Kathleen McGuire

Katie Monahan

Rosemary Vecchi

Support Staff

Library Assistant: Mary Ellen Bakker

Defence School Transition Aide: Vicki Walsh

Student Welfare Officer: Sharon Harrison

Administrative Staff

Business Manager: Kathryn Leslie

Front Office: Kerrie Shevlin

Janitor: Noel Gomez