At Holy Spirit Primary School, we believe homework should:

  • promote the joy of reading;
  • balance a range of educational, recreational, family and cultural activities;
  • link to class work and an individual student’s learning goals;
  • develop students’ responsibility and self-discipline; and
  • provide suggestions for relevant, interesting and enjoyable experiences.

At Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, we recognise parents as partners in their children’s learning. We support homework experiences that:

  • foster positive family interactions;
  • can be shared, reflected on and celebrated with family; and
  • provide an opportunity for families to support and encourage children’s school learning.


At Holy Spirit Primary School, we believe reading is compulsory across all year levels Preschool to Year 6:

K-2 - Compulsory - Home readers and sight words (K-2 approx.)

3-6 - Compulsory - Variety of texts