Parent Network

The Parent Network Coordinator's role is to provide support to the class teacher, hospitality to other families, coordinate class/year level social events and to build community spirit. Here is a very brief and negotiable outline of a Parent Network Contact responsibilities.


  • When at school be mindful of introducing yourself and involving those around you.
  • Offer a sense of welcome to new families in your year level. Maybe arrange to meet in the school grounds and introduce them to other parents or answer questions they may have.
  • Acknowledge a teachers birthday with a card. (Available from Front Office)
  • Support with the lost property each term would be warmly welcome. This involves a few parents getting together to clear out lost property, returning items to families and often washing a few items to give to Clothing Pool.


  • A parent year level social event may be arranged regularly, depending on whole school or Parish events. (This is often effective for Kinder families)
  • Encourage participation in the whole school events that arise, especially Community Council events.

 Communication & Pastoral Care

  • Regular contact with the classroom teachers is essential for the success of the role. The Parent Network Cooordinator/s are seen to be providing support to the teachers as well as families. The classroom teacher will be an excellent source of news and information to assist Parent Network Coordinators to fill their role effectively.
  • Support the coordination of the year FaceBook Page to further inform parents of events or issues relating specifically to that year level.
  • A greeting card could be sent to families when appropriate, to acknowledge challenges and achievements that occur, such as births, deaths, etc. These are available from the Front Office.
  • From time to time, it may be necessary to organise a roster of support to assist a family in particular need such as hospitalisation, family illness, the arrival of a newborn, etc. Such support may include help with meals, transport or short term childcare. A discreet note could be circulated among families or verbal canvassing of assistance in the preparation of such a roster, in order to distribute the responsibility among the year level.
  • Parent Network Coordinators need to keep in regular touch with Julie Wiley, Anna D’Amico and Kerrie Shevlin so that they have a perspective of the needs within the school at any one time and are able to monitor the activities and influence decisions where appropriate.