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ELC Vacation care booking

Dear ELC families,

Sorry the link in the update is not working. Here is the form. Vacation_care_April_2021_1_.pdf

Michelle Parkes 

ELC Family update

Dear ELC Families 

Please follow the link to the update. T1_Week_5_.docx.pdf 

In the update, you will also see information from Centrelink to confirm your income. 


Enjoy your weekend 

Michelle Parkes 




At this week's Community Council meeting the topic of community events was on the agenda. Given the size of our school and COVID19 restrictions, community events will continue to be difficult to organise as a whole school.

However, we need to work with COVID19! The Community Council is calling for nominees for Parent Network contacts for each year level. The focus for 2021 will be organising some social events for each year level, and other opportunities for families to network. This could include activities such as a picnic, play at the park, a parent dinner, etc. Lots of options depending on the organisers!

If you are interested in being a contact for your year level, please use this Link.


There has been a confirmed case of Chicken Pox in Year 5 at the school.

Please be aware of the signs and symptoms of Chicken Pox and keep your child home from school if they are unwell.

Please contact your GP for health advice


Last week marked the beginning of Lent for the Catholic Church with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. Lent is the 40-day period in the Catholic Church’s calendar when we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming of the risen Jesus at Easter.  


Every year, countless people turn Lent into a demonstration of faith, love and generosity by supporting Caritas Australia through Project Compassion. This year the theme for Project Compassion is ‘Be More’. 

Today, the eldest child in each family will bring home a project compassion box. Please take some time to talk to your child (as our teachers have) about this important project and how our giving can transform the lives of others living in poverty.

Our ELC students will contribute to a class Project Compassion box.

We ask that all Project Compassion boxes are returned to school at the end of term.


Year 6 Confirmation - Urgent

Just a reminder to make sure you have completed the online registration form for your child to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. To do this please visit the Holy Spirit Parish website ASAP.

Please contact Catherine Doig at Holy Spirit School if you encounter any problems.

ELC Families

Dear ELC Families 

Please find attached this weeks update. T1_Week_3.docx.pdf

Michelle Parkes


The online registration form for Confirmation is now live and accessible on the Parish website. Please register your details ASAP.