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Preschool upadate

Dear Preschool Families, 

Please find this weeks update attached. Term_2_Week_3.docx.pdf

Happy Mother's Day 

Michelle Parkes 



Dear parents,

We have had a reported case of head lice in Kindergarten and Year 3.

We ask all parents to check their children and treat as per the advice in the link below.


Despite the light rain, the Mother's Day Picnic is still on. Please sign in using the CBR Check-In App, find a sheltered place, and enjoy time with your children! Don't forget the coffee van is here too! Happy Mother's Day!


Dear Parents

Please find attached information from Catholic Education Director, Ross Fox, regarding changes to Catholic Preschools from 2022.

Letter from Catholic Education Director Ross Fox

FAQS Preschools 2022

Brad Gaynor


Please come along between 1.00 - 2.00pm, with your picnic rug, some food, grab your kids and find a space on the school grounds to share lunch together. Please use the CBR Check-In App and maintain social distancing. The Coffee Van will also be available.
We understand that not all families will be able to make the picnic lunch. If this is the case, please still pack a picnic style lunch for your child regardless, whether that is something extra special in their lunch box or a treat food you would not normally pack for school. All children will join together to celebrate a picnic lunch together with their friends, classmates, and any families who can attend.


Catholic Education has provided the following information to parents in regards to the Semester 1 Reports.

Reporting - Semester 1 2021

For Kindergarten students:

  • Achievement in each subject will be reported using a four-point scale (Well Above Expectations, Above Expectations, Meeting Expectations and Working Towards Expectations).

For Year 1 to Year 6 students:

  • Academic grades for each subject using a five-point scale from A-E will be reported using the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.

For all students:

  • Strand Achievement will be reported in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, and The Arts using a five-point scale (Excellent, High, Sound, Basic, Elementary).
  • Engagement with Learning statements, which are taken directly from the Australian Curriculum, will provide specific information about your child’s Critical and Creative Thinking, and Personal and Social Responsibility, using a three-point scale (Beginning, Developing, Consistently).
  • Individual student comments will not be used in the Semester 1 Reports.

Dialogue is an important feature of reporting. The Semester 1 Report in this format encourages parent engagement and conversation about student learning. We want the report to be the entry point for Parent Teacher Interviews where we can engage in genuine conversation about a child’s strengths, challenges, effort, and areas for growth. More information regarding Parent Teacher Interviews will be provided by the School.

The new approach to Academic Reporting is a developing process. Further work will be undertaken in the coming months to determine how progress and achievement are best reported based on what we know to be important information about a student’s learning and progress.

Semester 1 Reports will not be printed, but available through the Parent Portal. The School will provide access information when the Parent Portal is ready.

Preschool update

Dear Preschool Families 

Please find attached this weeks update. Term_2_week_2_.docx.pdf

Michelle Parkes 


Holy Spirit Preschool 

Preschool Update

Dear Preschool Families, 

Please find attached the update for this week. Term_2_week_1.docx.pdf

Enjoy the long weekend and see you all on Tuesday 

Michelle Parkes