ELC Curriulum

Early Learning Centres enable children to take the first steps into Catholic education.

Our Catholic Early Learning Centre Curriculum aims to:

  • provide quality education for all preschool students in a Catholic Early Learning Centre context;
  • build upon common language and shared understandings about what is significant in children’s learning in the early years;
  • start with the children and their progression of learning, (ACT DET p2) with a curriculum based on sound understandings and knowledge about this particular early learning phase of children’s development (4 year olds);
  • ensure that Catholic Early Learning Centre structures and settings promote the integrated nature of children’s learning across all areas of development as well as within each child’s individual progression of learning;
  • provide documentation of progress that maps each child’s learning journey;
  • build quality learning environments that best support and extend each child; and
  • build positive relationships with parents and caregivers based on mutual trust and open communication.

The Early Years Learning Framework guides the educators in their work in ensuring all children experience quality teaching and learning. The EYLF is based on a child centred inquiry based learning approach. We follow the children’s interests and listen to their questions, thoughts and ideas. This is achieved through our diverse and varied project work; the topics can be anything from dinosaurs and rainbows to beaches and Australia.

Early Learning Centre Curriculum

At Holy Spirit ELC we encourage the children to take risks in their learning both in and outside the classroom. The children are encouraged and supported to push their boundaries both physically and mentally. This is never more evident than in our ‘beyond the fence’ program, where the classes go on bush, walks around our local environment, climbing trees, crossing creeks and stepping stones.

We also teach the children how to light fires using a flint and cook delicious food to eat! These activities build independence and self esteem in the children whilst providing them with an environment where they need to make their own entertainment. 

Click here for the Early Years Learning Framework.